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All FineVu Blackbox video recorder has built-in with Loop recording capability. However, Full HD video recorded files size is much bigger than a normal VGA Blackbox files by about 10~15 time!

Based on a 8GB SD card size, the Loop recording process started after about 3~4 hours of Full HD video recording. If you drive your car very frequently,or used FineVu as 24/7 CCTV surveillance camera, the Loop recording will also occurred at a higher frequency. Each time the Loop recording took place, it creates cache in the SD card which will causes problems related to encoding and or missing video files after prolong period of usage.( it applied to all Blackboxes & DVRs that use SD card as memory storage)

In order to prevent problems on the video recording, format the SD card regularly to clear cache built up is the way to go.

Normally, a quick format will do the job. you may download the SD Formatter from SD association; the link below:

Customers are advised to format your memory card at least once a month on 8GB and bigger capacity SD card, or twice a month on a smaller 4GB SD card!

Download SD card formatter from SD Association, [SDFormatter] https://www.sdcard.org after connect to the website, please go through the "End User License Agreement",  please click "I Accept" at the bottom of the contents to begin the download.

or using the Transend formatter, [AutoFormat Tool] http://kr.transcend-info.com/Support/DLCenter/DLSoftware.asp?ID=120&Func1No=3&Func2No=205 up after pressing the download button at the bottom of the right, You may proceed with the download.

Please make sure that you have make a backup copy of your important videos before proceeding with the SD card formatting!!!

SD Memory Cards are expendable supplies.The longer you use the SD flash memory card, the more fragmented the free space and the file allocation table will become. That means that, as time goes by,it will take longer time for the camera to write new videos to the SD card, and prolong use without formatting it be more prone to errors.

read more about the Limitations from wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_memory#Limitations

SD cards are expendable supplies. After a certain period of usage, normal recording can not be implemented because partial memory sectors can be already fragmented.

Purchase a new card for stable recording. In the event that the Lifespan of the SD card have reach it end(MLC type=10,000cycle).

Please purchase your new Class10 SD card from a reputable sources and use only the Genuine SD card for a secured and high quality video recording for the FineVu recorder! 

NEW! FINEVu Viewer Player, FINEVu_Player_Global is available Now, Please click the icon below to begin the download.
Optional media player for playing H.264 Mp4 / Avi video files:
You may also use VLC Player or Windows Media Player for quick playback FineVu recorded video. However for camera program setting, please connect it to the computer using the USB cable, do the setting under the Configuration tab.Please click link below to download the VLC player ( for MAC user as well )
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